Dangerous Behaviour

The fox came again today.

We overlook a farm at the back of our house, and on Monday we watched the fox run up the hill with a big fat chicken in its mouth.  It was chased up the hill into the next field by the horse, then disappeared into the long grass.

Surprisingly, the next day we saw the other chickens bodging around as usual.  So often people say that the fox kills everything, more than it can take, working itself into some sort of frenzy of killing, so you assume that that’s what happens every time.  So, we had expected all the hens to have been massacred, but on this occasion it seems the fox took only one chicken, and the farmer was none the wiser.

He should have left it there, but today he came again, as we knew he surely would, and this time he was spotted running away with a prize.  As various farm people ran to get the rest of the chickens into the coop, the farmer was striding through the field with his gun, looking for Basil Brush. The farmer may have been out-foxed today, ha ha, but he’ll be waiting tomorrow, or the day after.  The fox won’t be able to resist such easy pickings, and it will cost him his life.