Miles of Bunting

HBWI logoI joined the Hebden Bridge WI in 2011. I think if any WI was going to get my interest it would be there. The then Chair of the National Federation of Women’s Institutes, Ruth Bond, called HBWI her ‘dream WI”. We have around 100 members, from diverse backgrounds, many entrepreneurs, artists and business owners. Certainly we aren’t a group of fusty old ladies, as is the common misconception. And we don’t sing ‘Jerusalem’ .

Over the years we have enjoyed: gin tasting, chocolate making, self defence, balloon bending, cheese tasting, clowning, writing and fun with fungi. And Bunting.

As you may be aware, the Tour de France is visiting Yorkshire this year, and part of the route includes the pull up Cragg Vale, the longest continuous incline in England, at five and a half miles ( 8.8514 km). The good people of Cragg Vale village decided it might be nice to string bunting up this hill for the race, and discovered they could break the world record if they managed it. The current record is held by Yackandandah , Victoria, Australia, at 7.7823 km (4 miles 615 yards).

In the spirit of neighbourliness (Cragg Vale is moments away from Hebden), the HBWI decided to help a little and arranged a bunting-making session. Being a world record attempt, the standard is rigorous. It all has to be measured precisely, checked and checked again. We managed to churn out 150m on the night! Here’s to the world record attempt, and the success of the Tour. Huzzah!!

Grand Depart


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